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Opinion July 10, 2018

It’s time to convict Eminem for all the murders he’s admitted to in his songs

It’s time to convict Eminem for all the murders he’s admitted to in his songs

It’s time to address the elephant in the room. The thing that nobody wants to confront. For two decades now, Eminem has been brazenly admitting to a string of violent murders, and yet authorities seem to be turning a blind eye.

His first public confession came towards the end of ‘Guilty Conscience’ when his mentor Dr. Dre instructs Eminem to commit a double-homicide. This act was actually recreated on the song, complete with gunshots.

The most obvious of these boasts was the high-profile slaying of aforementioned producer Dr. Dre in 2000’s ‘The Real Slim Shady’. Not only did he boast about this murder — “You idiots, Dr. Dre’s dead, he’s locked in my basement” — he gave the precise location of the body, and added further information when annotating this lyric on some two years ago, writing mockingly: “Ironically, Dre’s carcass began to smell, that’s why I had the sharkskin floor installed. It kills the odour.”

Further murders are boasted of in the songs ‘Kim’, ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ and ‘Stan’, while in the posthumous Dr. Dre song ‘Forgot About Dre’, he talks of burning down a house and standing next to the crime scene with a can of gas and matches in his hand. He also talks of stalking the streets with a Walkman earlier that evening, further committing himself to a specific location and time frame in which the crime could have been committed.

There are countless other examples — by which, I mean I don’t want to count them — but these few are surely enough to see him locked up for life.

The question is, when will the authorities finally act on this?

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