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Hip hop supergroup Beast Coast ready to escape New York

Hip hop supergroup Beast Coast ready to escape New York

In the wake of Brockhampton’s massive global success, there is a new hip hop collective ready to invade your airwaves and live stages. 

Beast Coast may not be a name you’re familiar with just yet, but you soon will be.

The New York-based collective are bringing a unique identity to the hip hop market, celebrating brotherhood and the art of coming together through music.

Here are 7 things TMN discovered about Beast Coast:

1. They are a ten-piece Supergroup made up of three existing hip hop collectives

Comprised of the three New York-based hip hop groups; Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era and The Underachievers, they came together to create one giant unique sound. 

Hailing from the group Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ is one of the giant names behind this project as well as Kirk Knight, CJ Fly and Powers Pleasant. 

Despite having ten members, they each still manage to find a way to stand out and bring their unique differences to the group without overshadowing one another.

2. ‘Left Hand’ hit #1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart

The collective’s lead single ‘Left Hand’ debuted at #1 on Spotify’s Viral Chart following the early buzz the track created from the powerful and underground names behind it. 

This was the first song the group had ever released, following years of touring together and keeping people guessing. The track was produced by Tyler Dopps and Sam Wish.

3. They premiered their debut single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

Talk about a premiere! The collective appeared on the juggernaut late-night show to promote the release of the single and familiarise viewers with the faces hip hop fans are already well acquainted with. 

They absolutely smashed their energetic live performance with an apocalyptic junkyard backdrop. Moving across the stage and interacting with each other, they highlighted their strong stage presence and the hype energy they capture.

4. They’ve toured before as a collective in 2013

While Beast Coast may be introduced as a new project, they actually formed this collective in 2013 with a joint North American Tour. However, they have previously stated they would not be creating original music together because the timing didn’t feel right. 

Obviously, the times have changed with the collective finally releasing original material, and the material they have delivered feels VERY right. 

5. How coming together in the hip hop world preaches the importance of union

The world is facing a growing turmoil, seemingly more divided than ever by politics and social issues. That’s why three hip hop groups come together to take a stand and embrace their brotherhood is so powerful.

Uplifting each other and creating a rare and important platform to speak their mind and preach their opinions, Beast Coast are opening themselves up for a very big and important career. Hopefully, they take this opportunity to do something special with the platform and continue to share their brotherhood because the traction they’re receiving is already impressive. 

6. Their hype is real with HUGE sold-out shows already under their belt 

They still may only be new to the market with their reintroduction as a collective, but Beast Coast are already quickly selling out shows in the US (including a night at Red Rocks). They will embark on a North America tour to celebrate the release of the record, starting in Seattle on July 23.

In between their headline shows they have also been hitting stages at festivals like Rolling Loud in Miami and the Governors Ball in New York.

It’s only a matter of time that they start to pop up on Australian booking agents’ radars, as they would be a perfect addition to some certain summer festivals (CC. Laneway Presents).

7. Their debut album ‘Escape From New York’ is out now 

That’s right! Beast Coast’s debut album Escape From New York was released on May 24 through Columbia Records. They self-produced the entire album and found a way to perfectly portray their brotherhood through the thirteen track collection. 

The record has peaked at #29 on the US Billboard 200 with still a lot of potential to grow with its chart position as the band kick off their American tour.

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