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Bonds and Rolling Stone Australia Join Forces to Create Charity Calendar

Bonds and Rolling Stone Australia Join Forces to Create Charity Calendar

Rolling Stone and Bonds have collaborated with noteworthy Australian musicians to create a special charity calendar for Father’s Day.

A limited number of calendars are on sale now, with proceeds going to the music industry charity, Support Act. Support Act is the music industry’s charity, delivering crisis relief services to musicians, managers, crew and music workers across all genres suffering from mental health and illness. 

The first fifty calendars purchased will also come bundled with a pair Bonds’ Total Package™ undies, which are distinguished by their Total Support Pouch™ that separates and supports, ensuring neat downstairs organisation.

This emphasis on support is carried over into the calendar, which features a varied collection of musicians, including:  Abraham and John from Australia’s first African Australian-owned record label 66 Records, a duo renowned for pushing the country’s hip hop and trap scene into a modern and more authentic renaissance.  

66 Records appear in the calendar alongside members of the platinum-selling jazz and alt-rock musician Felix Riebl of the Cat Empire and reunited pop-punk trio Short Stack. Big Twisty, of NSW funk and hip hop collective Big Twisty & The Funknasty, makes an appearance, as do the inner-city buskers turned globe-trotting folk singers Pierce Brothers and Melbourne pub-punks Clowns.

Shot on location in a retro-styled Melbourne house, each calendar image features the musicians and their “greatest support”—someone who has been beside them in their journey and career, helping to make the bad times good and vindicating their professional and creative decisions.

Between the fun, tongue in cheek imagery, bundled pair of Bonds’ finest underwear*, and support a worthy cause, the Bonds x Rolling Stone calendar is bringing the industry together to bare all for a very worthy cause. 

Purchase the Bonds x Rolling Stone Calendar

* for the first fifty purchasers only


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