News September 7, 2018

HIGH HØØPS joins Niche Talent Agency

HIGH HØØPS joins Niche Talent Agency

has added to its roster HIGH HØØPS, the sunset escape project of multimode artist Jordan Arts.

Working between experimental pop and ghettoblaster r&b music, the vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist keeps moving the goal posts.

“This project only ever existed as a personal escape from the real world and if I can’t set a mood to it or dance to it myself at max volume then it’ll never see the light of day,” HØØPS admits.

“The rest will figure itself out.”

HIGH HØØPS started off his live music career in royal company when he opened for Lorde.

He’s since shared stages with producers such as Kaytranada, MNDSGN, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, all while crafting out psych-pop tunes with five-piece Auckland music collective, Leisure.

With three tracks released in 2018 – with his new single Blue Eyes released today and which he says was “made at 3am with a room hotboxed in incense” – as well as features on records with Roland Tings (Australia), Moods (Netherlands) and SWIDT & High Beams (NZ).

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