News October 27, 2015

Havana Brown: Warrior

Today, Havana Brown’s latest single Warrior is officially serviced to commercial radio, and this track should mark the end of DJ Havana Brown, and the birth of International Pop Star Havana Brown – which may seem like a mute point to make considering We Run The Night sold over a million copies in America alone. But whereas that track gained traction due to a remix featuring Pitbull, and Havana Brown’s tireless touring efforts in the States, Warrior arrives as a fully-formed pop beast, ready to battle Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and similar pop artists with EDM-flirtations; her past performance alone should see big-hitters in the US get behind this single – and that’s before they get to the gun effects and siren-infused breakdown section.

The song debuted just outside the ARIA top 30 on Saturday, but commercial radio play should see this single easily sell Platinum in Australia – and hopefully in the US too.


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