News July 9, 2018

Groovin’ The Moo “frustrated” over pill testing moves

Groovin’ The Moo “frustrated” over pill testing moves

Australia’s first official pill-testing at a music festival, at ’s Canberra stop on April 29, almost didn’t happen because of concerns expressed by the promoter.

The Canberra Times reported this morning that documents gained under freedom of information laws reveal the tensions that existed between the promoter Cattleyard Promotions, pill testers, police and government.

They showed that Cattleyard wanted the test to be first held at a smaller event, apprehensive that drug busts at its events would tarnish its brand.

Notes from the meeting revealed, “Cattleyard are supportive of the concept of but want increased risk sharing before they’ll support it at their festival.”

Cattleyard was additionally frustrated that talks had been leaked to the media before it had been consulted.

The Canberra Times reported: “Cattleyard also complained about being contacted directly by members of the consortium, even after hours, and said it was more comfortable dealing directly with the government.”

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