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News March 29, 2019

Golden Robot Entertainment launches rock & food TV series

Golden Robot Entertainment launches rock & food TV series

Sydney/LA-based company Golden Robot Global Entertainment has announced the first project from its new film and TV production division.

It’s a TV series called Rock ‘n’ Food where an artist showcases their favourite bar, café or restaurant, explains how to cook up their fave dish, their best fast food experience and why food is so important in their lives.

They’re also interviewed about their music, their history and how their success – and failures – have shaped them.

Rock ‘n’ Food is the brainchild of Golden Robot founder and CEO, Mark Alexander-Erber, who is hosting the series.

“We are always looking at unique and innovative ways to promote and market our artists worldwide to a broader audience,” he says.

“I thought of this new concept late last year coming back from LA and within a few months we had filmed five episodes.

“I love the angle, the fly on the wall chat.  It’s a great vehicle for social/digital platforms.”

Filmed on location in Sydney and Los Angeles by Vincent Stone of Short Black Films, three of the first five finalised episodes feature Social Family Records acts Glenn Shorrock, Steve Balbi and Hayley Jensen.

The series can be seen here.


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