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Friends and industry join forces for charity music event in honour of Luke Liang

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Friends and industry join forces for charity music event in honour of Luke Liang

In a show of unity, friends of beloved and widely-respected session musician Luke Liang, who passed away recently at age 28, have announced a music charity event in his memory.

With performances from music mates Alex The Astronaut, Jarryd James, Montaigne, Papa vs Pretty, Thelma Plum, Jack River and more, the event ‘A Bright Light – An evening for Luke’ will take place on Thursday, October 4 at The Metro Theatre in Sydney. All are welcome.

Ticket proceeds ($40 plus booking fee) will go to music industry charity Support Act, to raise awareness of their work in nurturing the mental health of music workers, including their 24/7 Wellness Helpline – 1800 959 500.

You can purchase tickets now, HERE.

The loss of the multi-instrumentalist has devastated the industry – in 2017 alone, Liang played 216 session gigs of which 26 were international, connecting him far and wide with the music community across the globe.

The event artwork below resulted from a night when Luke and former Papa vs. Pretty bandmate Gus Gardiner kicked back to watch Academy Award-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom by Morgan Neville.

A quote from the film touched them both – “we are cogs in this machine” – capturing for the friends their relationship with the stage and their work as session musicians. 

All artists involved are performing for free. Everyone involved would like to thank Century Venues, Billy Hyde Stage Services and Dave Homer for their unbelievable generosity.

Jen Boyce from Ball Park Music penned this tribute to Luke.

“… the world lost an incredible talent, a kind heart and an unwavering friend. Luke Liang was the finest musician I will ever meet. Everyone he ever came in contact with was warmed by his joyful presence and impressed by his ability to master anything in a matter of hours – seemingly with great ease.

“New instruments, languages, skateboarding… He even completed a law degree whilst touring. He was unstoppable. While talking about him over the last few days we have come to the conclusion that Lukey was ‘the ideal human being’.

“For his loved ones, the loss is inconceivable. For everyone who knew him, his passing comes as a huge shock. Luke had the biggest, most glorious smile and would always do his best to cheer you up or help you out of a bad situation. He had time for everyone and would drop you a line even if he only had a spare half an hour to catch up. It is so unbelievable to think that such a gorgeous soul could lose his battle with depression.

“That’s the thing – depression does not discriminate. It’s like cancer. Some are lucky and go into remission, never to face the beast again. Some endure it to varying degrees their whole lives. For others it is a sudden, severe and incurable disease.

“I’m so sad that he couldn’t see how widely and deeply loved and respected he was. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone in our industry who didn’t know of Luke and his musicianship, kindness and incredible work ethic.

“Every time I think of butter coffee, Star Trek, Instagram stories, high fives, being “togeeetherrrr”, double dinners, long hugs and Red Bull, I’ll remember you and your cheeky smile.

“We are all here for each other. We are stronger together. Tell your loved ones how much you love them. If anyone needs to talk, I’m here. If you are experiencing struggles of your own, please seek help, or ask a trusted person to assist you in seeking help. You are loved and appreciated.

We will miss you and love you forever, Lukey.”

Contact the Wellness hotline on 1800 959 500.

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