News May 20, 2020

Festicket launches live streaming platform with YouTube and Vimeo

Festicket launches live streaming platform with YouTube and Vimeo

Festicket, the London-based business that packages together festival tickets with travel, has launched a new live streaming solution.

Festicket Live, in partnership with YouTube and Vimeo, allows artists and event promoters to set up their own customisable and unique streaming page.

The profiles include the embedded livestream, webchat, links to social media profiles, and the option to include a shop for donations and merchandise.

Festicket Live will have the capacity to host both free and ticketed livestreams, but the commercial model for paid events was not detailed in the announcement.

The company did, however, say that ticketed gigs will use its technology, marketing weight and real-time analytics to provide artists and promoters with a source of revenue.

If ticketed, the streams will be secure and behind a paywall, linked to a customer’s Festicket account, and limited to one concurrent session per logged-in user.

Festicket’s marketing director, Luis Sousa, believes the live streaming trend could continue even after restrictions are lifted and concerts return.

“The past weeks and months have seen a dramatic shift to online streaming, with over 60% of our customers saying they had watched a livestream since the lockdown began,” he said.

Festicket Live is compatible with streaming tools like Streamlabs and OBS, giving artists or promoters a simple plug-and-play setup to get streaming quickly.

The recent months have seen a huge rise in live streaming as people look for alternative forms of entertainment during the worldwide lockdown.

The majority of these streams have so far been on either YouTube or Facebook, but following feedback from fans and artists, Festicket believes both need a more feature-packed platform.

A recent Festicket survey of over 11,000 festival-goers found that 60% would consider buying a ticket to a live stream, either via a typical ticket or by donation.

With both artists and promoters looking for new revenue streams while the lockdown continues, the new Festicket Live provides a scalable solution to “deliver unique experiences”.

Artists or promoters should get in touch to learn more about the platform.

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