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News July 11, 2018

MAKEMYPLAYLIST is here to mobilise fans on streaming platforms

MAKEMYPLAYLIST is here to mobilise fans on streaming platforms

Streaming platforms are becoming more and more part of the everyday with Spotify boasting 175 million active users worldwide – there’s no doubt that streaming is king.

However, with an average 20,000 songs uploaded to the platform every day, there’s only so much a single social media share can do.


The application allows users to create unique playlists on the streaming platform that come pre-loaded with songs of choice ready to go, all without having to leave your browser.

From there it allows fans to post their playlists to social media, incentivised by a major prize awarded to the best playlist as deemed by the artist, the most popular playlist collated by an in-app hosted vote or a combination of the two.

Producer and DJ Timmy Trumpet has already made good with the technology, using the app to mobilise his 1.4 million Facebook fans to create 6,000 playlists and stream his new single Deja-Vu a whopping 1.5 million times.

TMN spoke to MAKEMYPLAYLIST creator Joel Cangy to find out the secret behind the success.

Can you give us a quick-fire run-down of what MAKEMYPLAYLIST can do?

MMP is an artist-driven online activation tool that incentivises and enables fans to create Spotify playlists using one or more songs from an artist’s catalogue (new releases and/or other).

What was the inspiration behind the project?

With any shift in online trends, in this case, streaming > downloading, you need to look at new ways in which you can engage an audience to help achieve an artist’s objectives.

Over the last year, we’ve had an increasing number of artists/managers/labels ask us what we can do to help drive single/album streams while building awareness and collecting audience data.

The need to solve this problem is where the concept for MMP was born.

Developing the idea from a concept to where it is now, has been a collective effort; both internally, as well as gaining ongoing feedback from artists, managers, and labels.

What kind of impact could this have on artists trying to get their music to fans?

As much as I wish it could be a ‘one shoe fits all’ type of solution, MMP is most effective when used for acts who’ve built an engaged fan base.

The larger and more engaged your fan base, the more successful this tool will be.

The great thing about MMP is that success is not just measured by increased streams/activity on Spotify, but also how much you can learn about your fanbase through data insights, and audience building.

What are some of the features that you’re looking at exploring in the future?

We’re definitely looking into Apple Music playlist integration next, as well as improving the UX/UI, but that’s all I can give away for now!!

The idea is to continuously evolve and improve.

What does your utopian outcome for MAKEMYPLAYLIST look like?

I’d love to be able to develop MMP into becoming a growth tool for indie artists on top of serving as a great PR/marketing tool.

To find out more about MAKEMYPLAYLIST, click here.


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