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News August 19, 2020

Eventbrite teams up with Zoom & Vimeo for online events

Eventbrite teams up with Zoom & Vimeo for online events

Eventbrite is ready to take online events to new heights during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond via new partnerships with Zoom and Vimeo.

Virtual and hybrid events have swiftly become normal and necessary, and in recent months Eventbrite has adapted events and online experiences for people while they are socially distancing.

A recent study of 1,000 Eventbrite users found that 62% attended five or more online events in a recent month and 42% paid between $11 and $30 to do so.

So in an attempt to help creators during the pandemic, Vimeo will now bring the reliability and quality of Vimeo’s livestream and on-demand capabilities to Eventbrite.

“Virtual events have become an essential and enriching component to our new daily lives,” Richard Bloom, SVP of Business Development at Vimeo, said.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a leading experience platform like Eventbrite and to offer Vimeo’s best-in-class live streaming technology and interactive features to event creators around the world.”

Creators will get access to discounts on Vimeo pricing and interactive features, like Vimeo’s chat, polling and Q&A capabilities.

Another new partnership will see the Zoom app available in the Eventbrite App Marketplace. The new Zoom app will help creators save time and run their events more efficiently.

“Eventbrite’s mission – to bring the world together through live experiences – has been reaffirmed through COVID-19 and our focus remains on supporting our creators as they adapt to this new normal,” Renaud Visage, co-founder of Eventbrite said.

“Through these integrations, creators can more easily set up and host their online experiences, and deliver a truly memorable and streamlined experience to their attendees.”


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