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News December 15, 2020

How Aussie music fans thrived during the pandemic lock-in

How Aussie music fans thrived during the pandemic lock-in

As Australia re-opens, sectors are watching closely to see whether changes in consumer behaviour during the pandemic lock-in will continue.

A new report called Inside Look released this morning by global self-service ticketing and experience technology platform Eventbrite found Australian music fans intend to continue incorporating their new experiences with pre-COVID ones.

Many admitted to thriving during the lock-in, with virtual concerts more than satisfying in replacing in-person gatherings.

They also seized the opportunity to learn new skills and virtually experience being in other countries without leaving home.

Inside Look derived data from more than 1 million global virtual events on Eventbrite in 2020 – which were attended by nearly 75 million virtual attendees who logged on 100+ million hours online – and a YouGov survey of over 3,000 consumers across Australia, the UK and US.

Livestreaming concerts is here to stay, at least for 58% of Australians who see these and in-person shows as dual options for their live music fix.

Two-thirds (66%) believe online events offer an easy way to learn new skills and enjoy new experiences without leaving home.

78% of respondents enjoy being able to attend virtual events in other countries without the need to travel.

More than 15% of Eventbrite virtual events hosted in Australia attracted attendees from outside the country.

51% see them as a good alternative to in-person gatherings, and 42% want the option of attending an event virtually if they were unable to attend in-person, for example, if they were sick or unable to travel to the event.

The Eventbrite report notes that during the pandemic, people turned to events, partly to offset being lonely, and partly to be productive by learning new skills and hobbies – usually with other people.

Half of the virtual experience tickets issued by Eventbrite in 2020 were for for seminars/talks or classes, training and workshops.

Of those who’ve attended online events since March, over one-third (39%) of respondents belives they’re thriving in the COVID-19-environment, compared to 18% of those who have not attended an online event.

41% felt more connected to others, and over a quarter (28%) made new friends through such events.

Among those who picked up new hobbies since the start of COVID-19, Gen Z’s were almost twice as likely (19%) to take up a hobby because they were lonely compared to those aged 35 and up (11%).

Men (19%) were more likely to have picked up new hobbies during the pandemic than women (15%) because they felt pressured to be productive.

23% of men said that online events and social platforms allowed them to forge social connections better than they would have made in real life.

In conjunction with researching for Inside Look, Eventbrite also conducted a snap poll of over 130 Australian event creators which showed a great level of confidence going into 2021.

Two-thirds (66%) of those who stopped hosting in-person events in 2020 have already started to do so or plan to do so in the near future.

A very high 89% intend to to host an in-person event in 2021. 96% are confident they can adhere to the COVID-Safe guidelines mandated by their respective state governments.

Of the 64% of event creators who pivoted to online events during 2020, the majority (85%) intend to offer a combination of online and in-person events in 2021.

“Throughout 2020, we were encouraged to see thousands of Australians enjoy online events as a way to stay connected and engage in new experiences during lockdown,” said Josh McNicol, Melbourne-based general manager of Eventbrite Asia Pacific.

“Now, with much of our country safely reopening, we’re excited to see attendees continue to enjoy experiences both in-person and online, and for event creators to benefit from the extended reach and new revenue streams that hybrid events can offer their business.”

McNicol expects the live sector to show a great deal of dynamics as promoters respond to changes in consumer behaviour.

“We’re anticipating strong demand for events in 2021, and while we predict in-person events to remain the format of choice, the ability to add live-streaming as a ticketed option allows event creators to diversify their in-person revenue and reach previously untapped audiences; while attendees will benefit from the flexibility of being able to enjoy experiences across Australia (or the world) either in-person, or virtually from the comfort of their own home.”


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