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News September 30, 2020

ARIA’s Dan Rosen named president of Warner Music Australasia

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ARIA’s Dan Rosen named president of Warner Music Australasia

Dan Rosen is making the leap from music industry advocate to major label boss.

After a successful decade-long run as chief executive officer of ARIA and PPCA, Rosen has announced he’s stepping down from that post after accepting a new challenge.

The executive has been named president of Warner Music Australasia following Tuesday’s news that Niko Nordström is leaving Australia and returning to Finland.

TMN understands Rosen will depart the peak body in December and start his new gig in February, where he will report to the New York-based Stu Bergen, allowing for a smooth transition.

Rosen said in a statement that he looks forward to working with the “world-class team at Warner” and expanding the major’s investment in local talent for the world stage.

“I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to take up the leadership of such an iconic Australian record company and would like to thank Niko for his hard work and dedication to the local industry over the last three and a half years.

“This is an exciting time, with an explosion in opportunities across streaming and social media, especially given the levelling of traditional barriers in genre and geography.”

Rosen studied international law and business at New York University on a Fulbright Scholarship and then joined the now-defunct digital startup ROO Media, before returning to Australia.

Rosen was appointed CEO of ARIA and PPCA in October 2010 and since that time, has advanced the agendas of both peak bodies of the recorded music industry in Australia.

ARIA Awards 2019

Pictured: Dan Rosen addressing the industry at a 2019 ARIA Music Awards event

On paper, his biggest achievement might be helping the industry transition to the digital future, returning the recording sector to double-digit market growth.

But, more recently at least, Rosen has been a fierce advocate for the music industry during another one of its more challenging periods: the global health crisis.

He proved instrumental in lobbying for government funding this year, resulting in the $250 million federal Arts & Entertainment Package and Great Southern Nights with the NSW Government.

As the touring circuit turned to dust, PPCA also announced some welcome relief in the form of cash advances ranging from $250 to $10,000 for artists suffering hardship during the pandemic.

Rosen said his time at both ARIA and PPCA has been an honour and a privilege.

“As an industry, we ended the decade in a much stronger position than we started, with a return to growth, credibility and optimism,” said Rosen.

“While the events of the past year with COVID-19 has slowed this progress, I believe both ARIA and PPCA have the infrastructure and resilience to help lead the next phase of growth for our industry.

“I look forward to future challenges and will never stop championing Australian creativity.”

ARIA chairman Denis Handlin, and PPACA chairman George Ash, thanked the former Second Dan band member for his commitment to the music industry and toasted his new appointment.

A global search is already underway for a new CEO of ARIA and PPCA.

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