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News July 9, 2020

‘Our industry matters’: Dan Rosen on Govt’s $250m boost

‘Our industry matters’: Dan Rosen on Govt’s $250m boost

ARIA boss Dan Rosen says the recently announced $250 million Arts & Entertainment Package signals a major shift in how the Morrison Government views the music industry.

Appearing on Ticker TV’s Inside Entertainment on Wednesday, Rosen said the Prime Minister’s appearance at the press conference for the funding reveal was evidence of that fact.

“It’s a massive recognition that our industry is important and that our industry matters, and that’s not just on a cultural basis, but on an economic basis,” Rosen said.

“The fact that the announcement was made not just by the minister for the arts, but by the Prime Minister, shows us that we are an industry that’s being taken seriously by the national cabinet.”

While Rosen acknowledged that the sector would always benefit from further investment, he is upbeat about the progress made in relations between Canberra and the music industry.

“You’d always like more money than less, there’s no doubt about that,” he said. “But $250 million by global standards is an enormous amount of money and investment in the sector.

“We’re still waiting for the details about how the $75 million grant program and $90 million in underwritten loans will be allocated, but certainly I think the majority of people welcomed it.”

Rosen also shared his reaction to the Indigenous Contemporary Music Program announced yesterday and how the Great Southern Nights initiative with the NSW Government is progressing.

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