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News January 8, 2021

Crowded House release more live music for Support Act’s roadies fund

Crowded House release more live music for Support Act’s roadies fund

Crowded House has released a second volume of early ‘90s tracks to help raise funds and resources for Support Act’s Roadies Fund.

The fund provides financial, health, counselling and wellbeing services for crews.

The band released Part 1 of Crowded House LIVE ’92-’94 last month as part of the Australian Road Crew Association’s (ARCA) Desk Tape Series.

The live tapes are straight off the mixing desk and made by a crew member – in this case their sound engineers Angus Davidson and Bruce Johnston.

Crowded House’s Part 2 is the 11th  release of the series, issued through ARCA’s Black Box label, and comes with an illustration from bassist Nick Seymour.

It kicks off with their popular live staple ‘Recurring Dream’, which Neil Finn recalled in ARCA’s accompanying media release was written at Crowded House’s very first rehearsal, at Factory Sound in South Melbourne.

Neil Finn credits brother Tim with coming up with the lines “Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you” and “Walking round the room singing ‘Stormy

He explained: “Ultimately, the theme of the song is of course, that you are creating your own weather, you are making your own environment, always.”

‘Fall At Your Feet’, one of the stand-outs of the Woodface album, came together in the studio from the fragments of two songs that the band was having difficulty with.

Its lyrics include “The finger of blame has turned upon its self and I’m more than willing to offer myself. Do you want my presence or need my help. Who knows where that might lead?”

On the SBS documentary series Greatest Australian Albums, Finn described what he was trying to achieve with the song.

“It was really that moment post a conflict or a struggle, when you sense a great sadness in the person you’re with … where you want to offer yourself as some kind of sounding board or a weeping wall.

“You want to take all their sadness, especially if you’ve been responsible for some of it.”

‘Four Seasons In One Day’ came together quickly in a house in East St. Kilda in Melbourne.

It was actually written for a Finn Brothers record.

But when Crowded House’s US label Capitol rejected many the songs Neil had written for the third album Woodface with Nick Seymour and Paul Hester, Neil asked Tim if some of their songs could be used in the band’s 1991 record instead.

The tracklisting for Crowded House LIVE ’92-’94 is Recurring Dream, There Goes God, World Where You Live, Love You Till The Day I Die, Into Temptation, Black And White Boy, Private Universe, In The Lowlands, You Can Touch, I Feel Possessed, Nails In My Feet, Italian Plastic, Four Seasons In One Day, Weather With You, Fall At Your Feet, and When You Come.


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