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News July 18, 2018

Confidence Man sign US publishing deal, set to crack more sync deals

Confidence Man sign US publishing deal, set to crack more sync deals

Melbourne-based band Confidence Man have signed in America to Round Hill Music and Zync’s new joint publishing venture, ZYNC Powered by Round Hill Music.  

The JV offers rights and admin representation and is particularly strong on sync deals for ads, film, and television.

Confidence Man are their first act on their roster.

ZYNC’s Sanne Hagelsten commented: “From the very first time we heard their music, we knew they were sync gold and a perfect fit for our licensing forward publishing co-venture.

“ZYNC Powered by Round Hill Music has the stellar team and the focus to maximize their already massive upward trajectory via licensing.

“We are beyond thrilled they chose to believe in us as much as we believe in them.”

Since their beginning two years ago, sync deals have been one of the elements that saw Confidence Man break through into Europe and the UK in a big way.

Ikea Australia picked them up two tracks for a massive TV ad campaign which is still running today.

That in turn opened the door for Apple to use their music on four or five different campaigns globally and in North America as well as TV shows as Made In Chelsea.

Their three most popular sync songs are Boyfriend (Repeat), Bubblegum and Try Your Luck.

Their manager Stu McCullough, owner/director of Brisbane-based Amplifire Music, explains their instant appeal to TMN.

“Confidence Man’s music, when it was first released, was very different to what else was going on.  

“We got that feedback not just from sync people but from radio programmers and festival promoters as well.

“It was a blend of dance and pop and with some subversive lyrics.

“The band is called Confidence Man for a reason: there’s a lot of attitude and sass in there, and I don’t think there was in a lot of music around that time.”

The band’s sense of mystique and creating provocative stage characters from their stage names – Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild – was augmented by their unabashed ambition, stunning live shows, cheeky visuals, dorky-cool dance moves and crazy videos made by a Berlin couple.

Who else would have been inspired by a Brigitte Bardot ‘60s single for the bassline and repetitive approach for Boyfriend (Repeat)?

This appeal, says McCullough, helped sync, airplay and festival appearances feedback on each other, each helping to build the band’s profile.

Things moved quickly. Just weeks after forming, they were on Golden Plains’ selective bill in Victoria.

In the UK Heavenly Records and a booking agent heard the early tracks and signed them up.

Within six months, Confidence Man were onstage at Glastonbury, which in turn opened up festivals through Europe.

Their series of shows at The Great Escape conference in England, where the industry comes to check out the best of emerging acts, started off with 50 people at their first and quickly packed them out through word of mouth.

In 18 months Confidence Man toured Europe four times. They are now starting to play 1000-seat venues in Europe, and a London show just sold out.

Their current tour through North America and Europe behind debut album Confident Music for Confident People

Has them on headlining slots on some major festivals in Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After that, Confidence Man return to Australia for festivals and winery shows as the weather warms up.


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