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News August 8, 2019

US-based Concord eyeing increased presence in Australia

US-based Concord eyeing increased presence in Australia

US-based sound recordings, music publishing and theatrical performance rights company Concord is planning to expand its presence in Australia.

With a catalogue of over 12,000 active albums and 390,000 copyrighted works, it has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London, Berlin and Miami.

The recently announced London office has been the catalyst for further expansion, especially in the wake of the growth of its publishing operations.

Chief label officer Tom Whalley wants to build a global marketing platform along with Concord’s relationship with Universal Music, as too many independent artists are signed to labels who don’t have global connections or visions.

Whalley told Music Week: “We are starting smaller in other countries and we want to prove the model out of the UK.

“Australia, Germany, those are the countries we will be thinking about having some focus in.

“But we will not put a full staff together in those countries in the short term. Eventually that is our goal.”

Whalley explained to the title that the recorded music division has three sections – the frontline labels, repackaged catalogue and “deep catalogue.”

“I think the aim is to continue to bring focus to any legacy artists in our career catalogue and to do great work around building global careers for our frontline artists.”

Concord Recorded Music is comprised of five active labels – Concord Records, Fantasy Records, Fearless Records, Loma Vista Recordings and Rounder Records.

Concord is also home to #1 kids’ music brand, KIDZ BOP.

It has no less than 270 Grammy winners including Elvis Costello, Chick Corea, Common, The New Pornographers, Boz Scaggs and Elbow.

Concord Music Publishing represents more than 390,000 copyrighted works spanning all genres.

Contemporary songwriters include Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bombay Bicycle Club, Al Jourgensen of Ministry, Aaron Copland, Billie Holiday, and Blues Traveler,

Concord Theatricals claims to be the world’s most significant theatrical agency, comprised of R&H Theatricals, The Musical Company, Tams-Witmark and Samuel French.


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