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News October 1, 2020

Chugg Music opens Bangkok office after success of roster in Asia

Chugg Music opens Bangkok office after success of roster in Asia

Chugg Music, the Sydney-based management company set up by Michael Chugg and Andrew Stone, has opened an office in Bangkok.

The move, announced this morning, follows the success of three of its roster – Sheppard, Lime Cordiale and Mia Rodriguez – in some Asian markets.

“If you want to be taken seriously in Asia, you have to prove you’re in for the long haul,” Chugg, who’s had long and close ties with the region, said.

“Traditionally if an Australian act wanted to break Asia, they needed hits in America and England.

“That’s changed through the work of the Music Matters conferences, Sounds Australia, MTV Asia and Asia Pop 40. Aussie acts are finding a direct way.

“Things are really happening for Chugg Music acts throughout the region, especially with major airplay, so it just made sense to have someone on the ground there.”

That someone is Aussie ex-pat Michael ‘Mick’ De Lanty, who has for the past six years been based in Bangkok running the recording and management divisions for BEC-TERO Entertainment.

Chugg and De Lanty’s relationship began in the early 70s when Chugg started to tour and manage acts, and De Lanty was rising up at record labels, first at Festival Records, a 15-year stint at Sony Music Australia, followed by roles at indies in Australia and the UK.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to help develop their careers in Asia,” De Lanty said in a statement about helming Asian ops and working the Chugg Music roster.

“It is an exciting period for music in Asia and no better time to introduce these incredible artists to Asian music lovers,” he said.

Pictured: Michael ‘Mick’ De Lanty will manage Chugg’s roster from Bangkok

Chugg told TMN the initial focus will be on 12 territories including China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, with localised language websites set up in each.

Sheppard’s 750 million streams show a high take-up in the region (the Philippines is the sixth biggest of their 40 international markets) while their music has been synced in movies and jingles.

Chugg Music Asia’s first project is a team-up by Sheppard and Taiwanese singer Sammy on the band’s ‘Somebody Like You’ in Mandarin and English.

Released on September 16, the track was quickly picked up by radio in Greater China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, and programmed on MTV Asia and Channel V Asia.

The band will also record with names from Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

Lime Cordiale, already with a presence on China’s NetEase freemium streaming service, and other Asian media, are about to collaborate with a major Japanese rapper.

18-year old singer-songwriter and producer Mia Rodriguez used colourful videos and snappy songs to churn on social media and online.

She has over 2 million followers on TikTok, over 2.1 million views on her YouTube channel and the pop banger ‘Psycho’ generated almost 4.5 million streams across YouTube and Spotify.

The new single ‘Beautiful & Bittersweet’ is also pulling in large numbers.

“25% of her YouTube views are from Asia, it’s incredible what’s happening to her, and how fast she’s rising,” Chugg told TMN.

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