News October 27, 2015

Booking bands: A handy price-list

Ever wanted to book Alien Ant Farm for an event, but wasn’t sure how much it’d set you back? Well, a handy price-listing has surfaced online with the going rates for hundreds of international acts.

While acts like Daughtry will cost between 150-200K per show (Bob Dylan is only 100-150K-ha!), there are a number of bargains on the list, such as Liz Phair or Vanilla Ice for 10-15K (take your pick), N*E*R*D for 40-45K, Presidents Of The USA for 15K and Public Enemy for 40K. Bob Marley is also listed at 10-15K, reasonable, considering the alchemy required to get him along to the shows (plus you’d probably have to re-teach him the songs).

The entire list (which features thousands of artists) is available here, and will sap hours and hours from your day. RZA for 15K! They Might Be Giants for 25-30K!? Violent Femmes for 25K! KoЯn’s Jonathan Davis for 5-10K! And if you hear the familiar strains of Madelinecoming from the Surry Hills area, it’s because we have managed to secure Hanson for an extremely reasonable 25-30K. (Oh, and Alien Ant Farm are 10-15K, and generally available for colleges.)

Marcy Playground – 5-7.5K (We reckon you could get ’em down to 4)

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