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News August 20, 2019

BIGSOUND unveils nine BIGTECH finalists for 2019

BIGSOUND unveils nine BIGTECH finalists for 2019

Australians are, as with most aspects in life, punching above their way when it comes to music tech inventions.

This is obvious with the nine finalists for the third BIGTECH.

They include a real-time music analytics app, a live music and DJ booking marketplace, online tour management tool, music education platform, Spotify-integrated tablature website, event hire aggregator, technologist management, VR video creator and even a new musical instrument.

They showcase their products at BIGSOUND Brisbane Sept 3-6, for a $5000 cash prize from Warner Music Australia.

Before that they will attend a bootcamp to be mentored by a number of mentors both from Australia and abroad.

The nine finalists are:

Paperchain prices the daily analytics data of digital music platforms, allowing music companies to access daily streaming revenue reporting and advance revenue on-demand.

It breaks down daily revenues by song, artist and territory, giving real-time insight into catalogue ROI & marketing impact.

Muso is the live music and DJ booking marketplace connecting hosts to artists.

They say they help artists get more gigs, make bookings easier, and ensure they get paid if the gig is cancelled.

TourTracks offers a solution for band managers to budget, manage and report on tours.

Tools include Tour Budgeting tool to make smarter financial decisions, Worksheets all tour travel and logistics to stream to band and crew, Financial Reporting lets manager presents clients with BI style dashboards and analysis.

SAMii a music education platform that streamlines student enrolments, payments, scheduling, and
Cancelations, as well as connecting student and and manages the business of teaching for the teacher

DryTabs links tuser’s Spotify account, displaying the tab for the current song the user is listening to.

Guitarists get a better experience when learning songs and request any transcription.

Hireitem provides affordable and effective solution to organise events with the largest choice of nearby party suppliers, services and venues in one place.

Spirit Level has a new venture called The Lab which help artists find deeper and more meaningful ways to tell their stories, build deeper relationships with fans, and serve as an example to the wider creative community.

In 2020, they’ll bring together Spirit Level artists and creative technologists to develop new ideas using AR, VR, Voice, Machine Learning and more.

GiG VR is building a digital platform to become the home of 360° VR live music videos.

They film gigs in 360° VR for artists, brands and festivals, and are integrating new technologies such as live streaming in 360°, AR experiences for music fans at real world events and blockchain payment systems for artists.

Summer has created the Midicaster, a new electronic instrument, built to set the electronic musician free on stage.

It provides full control of one’s digital audio workstation from wherever they are on stage. It has 12 responsive drum triggers, 24 midi notes, modulation and pitch bend wheels, a tap tempo button, 2 effects sends, 9 midi mappable pots, plus an LCD screen.

This year’s mentors are chief technology officer at Titomic Limited Nathanael Miller, Olive Grove IT founder and musician Davyd Norris, digital agency Comes With Fries founder Van Picken, change maker of River City Labs Peta Ellis, inventor and tech investor Philip Vafiadis, investment fund manager Tamara Mills, startup ecosystem community leader Philippe Ceulen and tech/creative exec Cognilitics co-founder David Grice.


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