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News September 15, 2020

BIGSOUND 2020 speaker lineup led by Tom Morello, Tones And I

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BIGSOUND 2020 speaker lineup led by Tom Morello, Tones And I

BIGSOUND has delivered its first speaker lineup for the 2020 virtual edition of the conference.

Legendary American musician Tom Morello, of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, has been locked in to give a presentation about his life as an artist and activist.

“Join me at BIGSOUND to talk music, activism, and how the guitar can be a divining rod for truth and justice,” Morello said.

“The world is at a dangerous crossroads and it’s time to feed the poor, fight the power, and rock the f**k out.”

Tones And I, who just two years ago was busking at the conference and then showcased for the first time in 2019, will deliver a keynote.

Meanwhile, BIGSOUND’s in-conversations sessions will feature ARIA-winning Amy Shark and Aussie legend Kev Carmody.

Rhoda Roberts and Ziggy Ramo will also discuss the Indigenous future of the music industry, and Grammy-nominated Mumu Fresh will talk about community and survival.

BIGSOUND creative director Janne Scott is particularly excited for the conference to experience a bit of “Morello magic”.

“Very few artists radiate and live their purpose the way that Tom Morello does, his power, conviction and guitar shredding sound is like no other,” she said.

“This keynote is a personal dream of mine and an absolute privilege for BIGSOUND to present, delivered at a time when we could all use a little Morello magic.”

Another keynote will be delivered by Johann Ponniah of I OH YOU, and COVID cooking hero Nat’s What I Reckon will bring a special BIGSOUND culinary show.

Founder of CrewCare Australia Howard Freeman will delve into the hard realities of life on the road, speaking about mental health and the importance of a culture of help-seeking.

Organisers had originally hoped that the conference would be able to go ahead in Brisbane as usual, but earlier this month made the tough decision to move BIGSOUND online for the first time.

But with 2,000 delegates already registered, it’s anticipated that this year’s edition will reach and connect with more people than ever.

“BIGSOUND has been the meeting place of the music community for nearly two decades and the determination for this event to not only go ahead, but to thrive in a virtual environment is essential for our industry,” QMusic CEO Angela Sammut said.

“BIGSOUND has been a leader for years in looking to future business models, mental health and a place of fairness and justice for First Nations peoples working in the music industry as well as giving tomorrow’s Australian icons a platform to learn and be discovered.

“Never have these things been more important. Never has BIGSOUND been more important.”

The full BIGSOUND program will be unveiled at the end of the month, along with The BIGSOUND 50 in place of artist showcases.

“BIGSOUND 2020 is the perfect opportunity for the music community to come together and take stock of where we find ourselves both nationally and globally after the last six tumultuous months,” programmer Tom Larkin said.

“Featuring some of the most prolific keynotes we have ever programmed, The conference itself will lead conversations around future facing concepts that are brave, nuanced and shine a light towards recovering a more sustainable industry.”

BIGSOUND will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, October 21-22.

Registrations are now open.


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