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News February 4, 2020

Music licensing agency Big Sync Music expands to Australia

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Music licensing agency Big Sync Music expands to Australia
Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshere

Big Sync Music has officially launched in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is ready to offer its tech-enabled music services to local agencies and brands, having previously worked with names like Johnnie Walker, Samsung, Amazon and Dove.

Big Sync was purchased in 2019 by Songtradr, one of the largest music licensing platform in the world, helmed by Aussie Paul Wiltshire.

The announcement comes with the appointment of Michael Szumowski as country manager, based in Sydney, and tasked with driving the company’s growth in the region.

“At Big Sync, our goal is to find the best solution for brands and content creators, looking to better connect with target audience through music,” Michael Szumowski tells TMN exclusively.

Szumowski comes with over two decades of experience in the music and advertising industries, having also worked in talent and commercial client acquisition, management and music supervision.

He’s also previously worked as an award-winning songwriter, producer, musician and composer.

“Working directly with brands give us a better understanding of p their overall sonic identity or ‘brand sound’, allowing us to ensure a cohesive approach to using music across all channels,” he continues.

“With offices in the UK, across Europe, North America Asia & Australia we operate as one truly global team. This approach offers real opportunities for both local artists and composers to have their music heard all over the world, and local brands to take advantage of a worldwide musical library.”

Songtradr’s purchase of Big Sync will enable the company to provide a powerful, data powered music solution for brands, creative agencies and broadcasters worldwide moving forward.

Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire tells TMN he’s stoked to work with the Aussie sync industry.

“It’s exciting to launch the Big Sync business in Australia and to have the opportunity to work closely with the local music industry again!” he says.

“Big Sync delivers a great pedigree of data-informed creative excellence to the business of music supervision and licensing and the company’s global footprint allows us to provide our multinational clients with an optimized local service in Australia and to provide new clients the benefit of our global expertise.”

Songtradr has over 500,000 artists and catalogues from over 190 countries.

It leveraged machine learning and data to power music discovery, and help music creators monetize their art through licensing to all forms of media.

“The integration of the Big Sync and Songtradr businesses has delivered increased value for the growing Songtradr community of independent artists and songwriters, and in turn has informed new technologies that streamline the Big Sync services,” says Wiltshire.

“Big Sync has a successful history of working with the major labels and publishers facilitating sync licenses for brands, agencies and content creators. As we grow the business in Australia, we expect to also see many opportunities for us to work directly with local composers and independent artists.”

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