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News February 21, 2019

Aussie owned Songtradr acquires London-based Big Sync Music

Aussie owned Songtradr acquires London-based Big Sync Music

Songtradr, the largest music licensing platform in the world – which was set up by Australian songwriter and producer Paul Wiltshire – has acquired UK-based Big Sync Music in a multi-million dollar deal.

The result will create a major end-to-end solution for music licensing.

Songtradr is the only fully-automated, open music licensing marketplace in the world.

It gives its 400,000 artists and catalogues from 190+ countries control over how they monetize their music through licensing to brands, music supervisors, filmmakers and streaming platforms.

It develops real-time data intelligence, such as the utilization of streaming and social metadata to guide the licensing experience.

London-based Big Sync is the largest global music buyer of its kind.

It has an APAC-focused team in Singapore and a North/South America-focused team in New York.

It sources music for local, regional and worldwide advertising campaigns on clients including household brands as Dove, Knorr, Magnum, AXE, Johnnie Walker, Samsung, Amazon and Lipton.

“Big Sync’s global footprint working with major international brands combined with Songtradr’s technology and our growing community of artists, creates an unparalleled music licensing solution for all parties,” stated Songtradr founder and CEO, Paul Wiltshire, who is based in the US.

Big Sync CEO and co-founder, Dominic Caisley said, “Leveraging Songtradr’s technology, we are now able to augment our services with streamlined access to a larger community of high-quality music talent.

“Songtradr’s data and technology infrastructure also allow Big Sync to match a brand’s target product audience with data-matched selections of music.

“Combining this data intelligence with our teams’ music supervision experience is a game changer and will provide our clients a more efficient and transparent service.”

The acquisition sees Big Sync’s co-founder, Unilever Ventures, the venture capital arm of Unilever, exiting and becoming a minority shareholder in Songtradr.

New York-born Wiltshire moved with his family to Australia in 1971 as a child, and grew up in Ballarat, Victoria.

He wrote and produced for Australian acts as Human Nature, Marcia Hines, Shannon Noll Anthony Callea and Casey Donovan.

During 2001 Wiltshire worked with the Los Angeles producing team, The Matrix, responsible for writing songs for Avril Lavigne, Korn and Hilary Duff.

He set up studios in Los Angeles in 2003 with partner Victoria Wu (now Victoria Wiltshire) producing and writing for US and Australian acts.


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