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News October 27, 2015

Australia’s Guvera expands to Russia and Ukraine

Australia’s Guvera expands to Russia and Ukraine

Australian streaming service Guvera has expanded to Russia and Ukraine. It is the latest move by the company, which has launched across 16 countries and five continents in the last 12 months.

Among these were high growth markets as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela.

In each of the markets, Guvera has offered a library of 12 million local and international tracks, and integrated its ad-funded model with branded channels where advertisers can target relevant audiences in a non-intrusive manner.

Guvera’s Vice Chairman, Michael De Vere, said, “Guvera stands behind the concept of ‘programmed globally, tuned locally’. Whilst this format helps to support local artists, users also benefit through being able to discover the music that matters most to them.”

Guvera’s expansion is powered by B2B cloud music platform provider Omnifone. Omnifone’s cloud music platform, MusicStation, offers 38 million tracks across 45 territories and is expected to further increase its footprint within a year.

Omnifone CEO, Jeff Hughes said: “We are pleased to see Guvera continue to break new ground both in terms of its rapid global rollout and innovative business model. We believe it will be one of the winners in the digital music space and we are proud to be powering its service in so many countries.

“As Omnifone continues to evolve our platform and scale, we are overcoming physical barriers so that our customers can seamlessly deliver music to more users on more devices around the world, quickly. Our far-reaching physical presence and uniquely flexible platform makes us the firm leader in the B2B digital music arena. This enables our partners to hit the ground running when entering new markets like Russia and the Ukraine with a superior on-demand music offering.”


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