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Features December 22, 2017

Artist Data Dive: How Shazam & Nova Brisbane broke Fresh Eyes

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In this month’s TMN Data Dive, we dissect the recent commercial success of Andy Grammer’s Fresh Eyes, the latest single from the American hit singer-songwriter.

Upon initial service to Australian commercial radio, the track had already amassed 65 million Spotify streams, three and a half million of which were in Australia, while also being the #30 most streamed song in the world. Arguably a hit from the onset, Fresh Eyes still had plenty of room to grow.

Initial indicators of traction slowly but surely cropped up. In this instance, it was Brisbane that proved to be the city that started the chain reaction. Shazam figures on Fresh Eyes show spikes over above 500 and 600 Shazams respectively on November 6th and 13th following the tracks inclusion in the Nova Network’s New Music Show powered by Shazam. Afterthe shows, Nova Brisbane added the track across the board on November 21.

image: November Shazam’s for Fresh Eyes

Cross pollination from the various official Spotify playlists that the track was added to spurred the big drive for success in Brisbane, with various cafes and stores contributing a large portion of that traffic. Those playlists aren’t anything to be sniffed at either, with his largest feature on a list being Today’s Top Hits, an official Spotify playlist with 2.44 million listeners.

image: Nova Brisbane plays for Fresh Eyes following adoption

Nova Brisbane had broken Fresh Eyes. By November 28, the remainder of the Nova Network jumped on the track, adding it to across the board rotation. Fresh Eyes was now circulating across the entire country’s airwaves. The rest of commercial followed suit that week with across the board additions from Hit 104.1 2Day FM, Hit 92.9 and both KIIS 106.5 and KIIS 101.1. The bulk of the remaining commercial stations added the track to their respective weekends/arvo’s playlists, including the entirety of the Hit Regional Network. This landed Andy Grammer a #2 on the TMN Most Added To Radio chart of that particular week.

Three weeks after the track’s explosion at commercial radio, this is where Fresh Eyes currently stands. Following a debut at #80, it now sits at #18 on the TMN Hot 100. Fresh Eyes has now eclipsed Grammer’spreviousbest with Back Home which peaked at #22 in July of 2014,. It holds a strong #23 on the Australian Spotify chart as well as #37 on the iTunes chart, ultimately ranking him at #14 on the TMN Artist Top 50.

Image: Fresh Eyes on the Hot 100

The initial 65 million streams on Spotify has now grown to 113 million, while Fresh Eyes’ music video, initial audio upload and lyric video have a combined 8.35 million views. Grammer has pledged to donate proceeds from the music video to Union Rescue Mission, the location where he recorded the music video in LA’s Skid Row.

With the year almost at a close and very few new tracks hitting commercial over the Christmas break, Fresh Eyes has been given plenty of room to dominate over the summer period. This large outpouring of support definitely bodes well for the next single on his release cycle.


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