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News June 6, 2022

ARIA Unveils ‘New Release’ Chart

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ARIA Unveils ‘New Release’ Chart

ARIA has a new chart.

Starting this Friday (June 10), the trade body publishes its New Release Chart, a weekly examination of the most popular new local and international singles on a four-month cycle.

The new tally, notes ARIA, will give a “more dynamic insight” into how Australians are consuming new and emerging music, or in less words, a trend identifier.

A closer look at the statement, issued over the weekend, notes the new chart will cap the number of entries from each artist at three.

By limiting the impact of streaming giants such as Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Drake, ARIA will be following the lead of the Official U.K. Charts Company, which implemented its own, tighter criteria to its singles chart back in 2017.

As previously reported, Harry Styles flooded the ARIA Singles Chart following the release of his third studio album Harry’s House, a situation that would have concerned any chart anorak outside of the former One Direction star’s fanbase and team.

Whether ARIA will ultimately apply a “three-and-done” maximum to its main singles chart, time will tell, though the New Release Chart appears to be a test case.

“As the musical landscape evolves, so does the way Australians buy, stream, listen and engage with the music they love,” comments ARIA CEO, Annabelle Herd in a statement.

“When that happens, it’s our role to find new opportunities to celebrate fresh releases and shine a light on our home-grown artists, continuing our proud history of championing the incredible, talented and dedicated industry we are lucky to call our own.”

The latest list is the first new ARIA Chart in three years, and it comes ahead of the 40th anniversary celebration in 2023 of the first “official” charts published by trade body.

“For nearly 40 years,” notes Herd. “ARIA has been trusted to paint the most accurate and engaging picture of exactly which tracks and artists have Australia captivated, and we are very proud to introduce the next step in that story. “

The New Music Chart is “about spotlighting exactly what new music Australians are seeking out and introducing into their lives each week. We hope this will showcase hot and exciting talent, including our local artists, as well as emerging music trends.”

In another development, the Australian Single and Album Charts will be pushed forward to 4.00pm AEST every Friday, an hour before the publication of the main, all-genre singles and albums surveys.

The development “will provide a new opportunity for Australian releases to be in the spotlight before the main charts are released,” reads a statement.

Those main charts were moved forward by a full 24 hours back in March 2021, a decision that made ARIA’s branded music charts the first published in the global cycle.

ARIA’s charts continue to evolve to new tech and tastes.

Earlier this year, ARIA’s main charts began incorporating data on music consumption from YouTube.

ARIA began counting on-demand streams toward its albums survey from May 2017, based on the methodology adopted by the U.K.’s OCC and several European charts, and the following year began applying a new multi-level streaming methodology for all its singles and albums charts which rewarded paid subscription streams over ad-supported plays.

Streams have counted toward the ARIA Singles Chart since November 2014.

ARIA’s suite of charts include Australian HIP HOP/R&B Singles, Albums, Australian HIP HOP/R&B Albums, Australian Country Albums, Vinyl Albums, Catalogue Albums, Compilation Albums, and year-end single and albums tallies.


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