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News October 27, 2015

YouTube inks deal with Kobalt, reveals it’s paid $2bn to rightsholders

AMRA, the music rights collection society acquired by indiepublisherKobalt, has signed a major global deal withYouTube.

Covering more then a 100+ territories(excluding the US, Canada and all of NorthAmerica) the dealenablesthe company to collect music royalties on videos published by the site.

AMRA’sdeal is looking to generate a greater return for the licenses issued toYouTubefor their artists and writers. Excluding other collection societies, the profitability and outlay for collecting royalties by AMRA will be streamlined and designed to resolve the value chain and income for artists.

Kobaltfounder and CEO WillardAhdritztoldBillboard.bizthatthe industry “can’t spend $5 to collect $1 of royalty revenue in every country.”

Elaborating on AMRA’s past experiences with the likes of Apple and Spotify, specifically in Europe, AhdritztoldBillboard.bizthatthe YouTube deal will allow AMRA to lift revenue, lower costs and cut down on the time it takes for writers to receive their royalties from around the world.”

The key to this new renegade of royalty equity apparently will layinitssuperior technologywhen compared to otherCMOs. The singular operative system of one collection agreement is a relatively untouched concept. BothYouTubeandKobaltare suggesting this solo agreement will allowlessfingersin the pie which in turn will mean more revenue for the artist.

In thepast, YouTube hasrequired separate deals with numerousCMOson a territory-by-territory basis to licensecatalogues and repertoiresof artistsglobally.AMRAis propositioning that the new technology will somehow be able touniquelymonitor and tracethe songs that are played via video streaming in real-time.

AhdritztoldMusicBusinessWorldwidethat“Many creators are missing out on digital revenue without even knowing it.Our relationship with YouTube has always been about creating the most efficient and transparentpath for income flow to artists.”

YouTubeGlobal Director of Music PartnershipChristophe MullertoldMusicBusinessWorldwide:“We’ve generated over $2 billion in revenue for the music industry in the last few years alone, and we’ve long worked withKobaltto help creators get paid.Our deal with AMRA takes this work another step forward to ensure that artists, songwriters, and publishers get the maximum value from YouTube.”

With the$2bn comment gaining a lot of interest lately, concerns have been spikingover the number’s accuracy. Whatever thefigure, deals like this are generating more and more push asthe veil is slowly being lifted on the reality of transparency when itcomes to streaming.


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