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News March 9, 2023

Women In Music Australia Relaunches With National Focus: ‘This Is Only the Beginning’

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Women In Music Australia Relaunches With National Focus: ‘This Is Only the Beginning’

Ten years since its inception, Women In Music Sydney (WIMSyd) is expanding its outreach as a national network.

The grassroots not-for-profit organisation is rebranded as Women In Music Australia (WIMA), and expands its ongoing commitment to provide a space where “women can support each other and grow together.”

Just in time for International Women’s Day, WIMA unveils ambitions for a blueprint reaching across the country, which will crystalize in the coming months as part its mission to serve as a “conduit for connection.”

WIMA will continue its important work “as an ageless and stageless community of people supporting each other during their journeys in the local music industry,” only from now on, welcoming members from across Australia.

For members, the “vibe” of those gatherings is about “like-minded women getting together sharing ideas, opportunities, knowledge and experience. It’s also about inspiring each other,” reads a statement on the official WIMSyd site.

Everyone needs a little inspiration, and WIMA is reborn through necessity.

Following its launch in 2013 as a hub for women to network, educate, and evolve, organisers received an “overwhelming” volume of requests from close to 3,000 members in Sydney alone.

“I am thrilled to be expanding our network to cover Australia,” comments WIMA co-founder Jacqui Louez Schoorl.

The Jaxsta founder spearheaded WIMSyd following a personal career journey from the film industry into music, an experience that brought with it frustrations.

“I entered rooms where I was the outsider and I wanted to see how I could help change that for other newcomers to the industry,” she explains.

“The launch of WIMA is to continue our mission to create an inclusive environment, but now on a national scale. This is only the beginning.”

Based in Sydney, WIMA’s national committee is comprised of volunteers including Louez Schoorl, WIMA co-founders Matilda Allerfeldt, Milly Petriella, Nancy Lipman, and Poppy Reid, editor-in-chief of The Brag Media, publisher of The Music Network.

Committee members Amara Primero, Jenny Trinh, García, and Xylo Aria will oversee the new era of WIMA, which boasts support from its “sisters in the industry,” including WIMAir, AWMA, and One of One.

All WIMA members volunteer their time.

Private members’ club Soho House is throwing its considerable clout behind WIMA, by tapping Louez Schoorl to take part in the Soho Fellowship program.

The program offers a complimentary Every House and Soho Works membership to diverse creatives who may face financial barriers to accessing events and spaces.

This June, 10 WIMA members will be selected to enter the program as a cohort for a 12-month period, with benefits including access to international affiliated houses when travelling, individual mentorship, participation in Soho events in Sydney and Melbourne, and a showcase opportunity.

For more information visit the WIMA Instagram.


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