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News May 7, 2018

Woman caught with 1,600 MDMA caps at Sydney festival

Woman caught with 1,600 MDMA caps at Sydney festival

The Midnight Mafia Music Festival, held at the Sydney Showground on Saturday, saw a number of drug arrests, including one of the most brazen attempts to smuggle drugs into a music festival in recent history.

13 people were charged with supplying drugs at the event, while another 32 were issued court notices for possession.

One 21-year-old woman was caught with 1600 MDMA capsules (plus some cocaine, but when you’re that deep in…) while two other woman were caught with 550 and 200 capsules respectively.

“We saw more drugs seized today than recent events, one of the largest we’ve seen, which clearly shows our messaging is not getting through,” Detective Chief Inspector Viera said in a statement to media.

“I am extremely disappointed with these results; however, we will continue to conduct these operations at upcoming festivals throughout the year.

“Those intent on bringing illicit drugs into these events will be caught, charged and put before the courts.”

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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