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News March 23, 2016

Warner Music owner donates US$1M into Anti-Donald Trump campaign

Len Blavatnik, aka the richest man in Britain, took one for the team last month as he pumped US$1 million into an anti-Donald Trump GOP group that emerged early this year.

Blavatnik’s bold contribution was one of many that went towards a US$25 million total monthly sum. Other investors included seven-figure donors Donald Cameron and ex-AIG CEO Hank Greenberg. The donation’s primary use was to back Trump’s rival Marco Rubio and his campaign as they fight it out their race for leadership.

The support from the donors followed the Trump advertisementthat blatantly attacked Rubio in an attempt for Trump to win over the public. The ad forced Rubio to stand down from the leadership race earlier this month.

According to the New York Times Trump is winning the money race with an estimated US$12.8 million in his political campaign, which has been provided nearly all by loans. Trump was and remains a firm favourite in the US Presidential elections this November.

The money Blavatnik donated will go straight into Rubio’s campaign to help rebuild the candidate along with US$4.8 million on anti-Trump messaging through Conservative Solutions PAC, proving that his money will not be going to waste.

The PAC has been in full swing on ‘Operation Bring Trump Down’ after his recent victories in Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina in February. The group has a reported US$17 million raised for the March campaign, however it is unclear whether Blavatnik is involved.


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