News April 18, 2018

Victorian government announces Music Development Office, sets up Music Market

Victorian government announces Music Development Office, sets up Music Market

In the final part of its $22.2 million Music Works package to strengthen and enlarge the state’s music industry, the Victorian government has announced two more initiatives.

They are the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) and the setting up of the Music Market.

The Victorian Music Development Office will be run by Music Victoria, and run a series of new initiatives to help the live music sector.

These are:

* An industry research program

* A free event program featuring international speakers

* An export focused program that includes global marketing campaigns about Victorian acts

* Music business development activities including small business and enterprise lab

* A service providing free or low-cost advice to music businesses

The VMDO will also be in charge of setting up and running Support Acts for the Big Names, a campaign supporting diversity and inclusion in contemporary music programming.

This campaign will focus on increasing live music opportunities for First Peoples, women, and under-represented artists by encouraging promoters to book these acts as support to larger musicians.

Music Victoria is recruiting for a VMDO general manager, with a $100k salary. Full details available here.

The Music Market is a new cluster with hot desks and office spaces where musicians can work, learn, collaborate and do business.

There will be a multipurpose space for events and exhibitions, a training room for education programs, and meeting rooms for the music industry to share ideas.

Martin Foley, minister for creative industries said: “The Music Market will be a hub of creativity, allowing musicians to share ideas and collaborate on projects, get training and do business.”

He added, “This is all about taking Victorian music to the next level – by backing our industry’s best and brightest and inspiring the artists of tomorrow.”

Minister Foley was joined by minister for planning, Richard Wynne, and the music industry, for the announcement at the new Collingwood Arts Precinct on Johnston Street.

The Music Market will be located at the Precinct, which will also be home to Music Victoria, community radio station 3PBS FM and youth organisation The Push.

Minister Wynne explained, “Collingwood has a strong music history and is the place for Victorian music to call home.”

“The Collingwood Arts Precinct project is breathing new life into the former TAFE site, turning it into a vibrant space for the whole community. “

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