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News October 27, 2015

Underbelly Arts Festival releases music program

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Underbelly Arts Festival releases music program

The Underbelly Arts Festival, set to take place on Cockatoo Island this August 1and 2, has just announced its music program. The program which has been curated by Artistic Director Eliza Sarlos and Emma Ramsay (Holy Balm) will be showcased alongside the festival's visual and performing arts.

With the goal of showcasing works from some of Australia’s most innovative, the music program will feature works from:

  • Ela Stiles
  • Austin Buckett
  • Lucy Phelan
  • Pip Stafford
  • Daniel Jenatsch
  • Soft Power
  • Pia Van Gelder
  • Meghan Alice Clune

"Underbelly Arts presents bold new voices in contemporary art, and for us music is no different. We worked with Emma Ramsay from Holy Balm to create a program of artists/ musicians who aredoing really interesting things in sound,"Artistic Director Eliza Sarlos told TMN.“The festival gives them the opportunity to work site specifically, on Cockatoo Island, and we've programmed with that in mind – expect sound reverberating around coalstores, bunkers and old warehouses, a soundtrack for sunset, and even soundthat's generated from the body's electricity."

This isn’t the first time the festival has been hosted on Cockatoo Island. It has a successful history there with sell out years previously in 2011 and 2013.

Underbelly Arts Festival commences on August 1 with tickets starting from $20 for a Day Pass $20 or$15 for concession/FBi supporters.

Young Henrys will be running anon site Gin & Juice bar with their Noble Cut Gin and a selection of beers.

Go for more information.


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