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News July 12, 2021

Uncanny Valley launches constantly-evolving AI music engine

Uncanny Valley launches constantly-evolving AI music engine

Australian-based artificial intelligence (AI) company Uncanny Valley has partnered with the AI Song Contest to launch a sophisticated AI engine that algorithmically creates remixes out of 2021 contest entries.

The company, which took out last year’s inaugural AI songwriting contest with its nature-sampling track ‘Beautiful The World’, has spent the past 12 months refining the award-winning AI engine MEMU, automatically generating songs from a selection of audio stems submitted to the engine.

Playing on a 24/7 basis, MEMU generates 33,600 minutes of uniquely composed music per channel, and boasts the capacity to create an endless stream of artificially constructed remixes.

The generated music is also able to adapt to a number of preset variables, including GPS location, weather, time of day and biometric data.

Uncanny Valley claims that the MEMU engine has an evolving ability to be customised and scaled for a variety of purposes, with artist contributions being fully trackable to harness emotional data and open up new revenue streams for artists.

The creators are also in talks with major labels to create MEMU channels for top artists, generating new creative ideas by blending existing music with other artists’ compositions to create and distribute remixed content onto digital streaming services.

Charlton Hill, co-founder of Uncanny Valley, celebrated the MEMU engine as being a major development in the algorithmic composition of music.

“It is an intuitive and adaptive musical engine, which generates musical ideas for use in DJing, music production, songwriting, streaming, gaming and more. The applications for MEMU are as endless as the human need for music,” Hill said.

“We want to democratise music creation and put the power of creativity in the hands of listeners. Everyone should be able to express themselves, collaborate on music and earn revenue streams while doing so.”

The winner of this year’s AI Song Contest will be crowned later this month.


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