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News January 17, 2019

UK music sector expresses alarm over Brexit chaos

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UK music sector expresses alarm over Brexit chaos

The UK music scene has responded to the chaos surrounding Britain’s scheduled late March exit from the European Union.

AIM CEO Paul Pacifico tweeted that the association “has confirmed meetings with our government counterparts to discuss the next steps.

“We will be issuing further guidance including on preparations for a potential no deal scenario in the coming days and weeks.”

Deborah Annetts, chief executive of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM), remains concerned that it would affect the freedom of travel for UK acts “and causing huge economic and social disruption.”

She said the British government  had to cut an alternative deal to ensure freedom of movement for musicians “or introduce a two-year multi-entry visa for British musicians working in the EU27.”

Freedom of movement for musicians has been an issue that UK associations have been working with the government on.

“Lve music contributes about £1 billion to the economy itself,” pointed out UK Music CEO Michael Dugher.

“The ability for British artists to be able to tour across Europe without cost and bureaucracy is an absolutely essential requirement.”

It has also been concerned that current copyright protection that UK musicians enjoy under EU law will be transposed into UK statute without anything being lost in translation.

Emerging acts and indie labels would be hardest hit from tariff costs, duties and withholding taxes on royalties.


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