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News July 30, 2018

TuneCore artists can now monetise their music on Facebook, Instagram

Lars Brandle
TuneCore artists can now monetise their music on Facebook, Instagram

Some good news for TuneCore artists: you’ll now get paid when your music is shared on Facebook and Instagram.

TuneCore, the independent digital music distributor, is adding Facebook Monetisation, a free feature for its artists that, as the title suggests, allows them to earn royalties each time social networkers use their music in posts.

By the sound of it, activating Facebook Monetisation is a no-brainer for TuneCore’s DIY community, one which promises money — we don’t know how the revenue is calculated, but it’s surely better than zip — and exposure. But you do need to sign up.

Once a muso has logged in and selected eligible tunes, music fans can search for  their works via an audio library feature and share it far and wide across the Facebook and Insta’s platforms.

Through this partnership, notes Scott Ackerman in a statement, “you will get paid for allowing billions of users across Facebook and Instagram to use your music in their organic content.”

As Facebook continues to build its music monetisation services, adds Ackerman, “we’ll keep making sure that you’re collecting all the money you’re owed.”

Earlier this year, Facebook forged licensing deals with music publishing giant Sony/ATV and Facebook, the three majors and the independents’ digital rights agency Merlin and Kobalt, among others, for the use of music on all its platforms.

A blog post from TuneCore’s Kevin Cornell has this to say about the latest development:

“We like to think of this as a look toward the future: As Facebook continues to explore new avenues and introduce awesome products and features, TuneCore Artists can consider themselves ‘ahead of the curve’ by granting permission for their music to be used, ensuring revenue collection will be cinch when all is said and done.”

Kevin Cornell Content Manager at TuneCore

Kevin Cornell, Content Manager at TuneCore

Read more here and log in here.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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