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News September 9, 2018

Why is Troye Sivan so hot? For everyone, he’s just one of us

Why is Troye Sivan so hot? For everyone, he’s just one of us

If you sorta really like Troye Sivan, you’re not alone. He’s hot right now. Sivan just burst into the upper echelons of the ARIA Chart with Bloom, reaching his highest position so far at #3. For the past two or so years, Sivan was pencilled-in as the “next big thing” in pop. Rub it out and write it in ink, because the kid’s star has risen.

Sivan is not your typical artist. Yes, he has talent across singing, producing, writing, charming and moving. He has a work ethic. He looks great, and he has more poise than you did at 21 (if you figured he was shy and nervous, watch his interview with Andrew Denton). And, of course, he has the muscle of a major music company behind him, and some smart people very close (Emma Barnes co-manages Troy and his younger brother Tyde, and is co-owner of gamer management firm Click).

Sivan also has an x-factor. You can’t buy it. You almost certainly can’t replicate it. There’s a power in parochialism. And somehow, remarkably, everyone claims ownership of this wonder-kid.

Let’s break it down. The latest ARIA Albums Chart shows us Australians are behind Troye because, well, he’s one of ours. No surprises. But he was born in South Africa, so, yes, our friends from the Rainbow Nation can love him too. He’s out too, so yes, there’s a lot of love from the gay community. Troye is also Jewish. And he now lives in L.A., so America can claim him as one their own.

Troye ticks every box.

Long before he was crafting pop hits, Sivan was a YouTube star. If you followed him then, you’ve probably stayed for the ride. He made the leap to the big screen, and portrayed a young Wolverine, so, yeah, the MCU geeks. And if you were home-schooled, or you’re home-schooling your own, he’s your shining light. Add in co-signs with Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, pretty much everyone loves this kid.

With two ARIAs, a bunch of top 10s in the U.S. and now a top 3 album, there’s a sense Troye is just getting started.

You probably won’t tick all those boxes, who can? Sivan is a classic case study of someone who means something to so many tribes. Never underestimate the strength of ownership.

Check out Troye Sivan’s ‘Dance To This’:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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