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Darling Brando splits from Sony Music as Tom Jay Williams announces departure

Darling Brando splits from Sony Music as Tom Jay Williams announces departure

Aussie boy band is down a member, with announcing he is no longer affiliated with the group.

When approached by The Music Network, a spokesperson from Australia, confirmed Darling Brando is no longer signed with the major label. The band signed to Sony Music in 2019.

Williams said being part of the band has become “increasingly untenable” for him, and alluded to the need to feel safe and free in both his personal and professional life. He also said he needs to be able to wear whatever he likes without having to explain or defend himself.

“I also want to use my platform to help break down stereotypes, so we can move as a society towards allowing people to be themselves without the fear of judgement or public humiliation,” he said in a statement. “I have no interest in conforming to gender stereotypes to please those with outdated and biased views.”

Williams acknowledged he doesn’t always “get it right”, but said he always strived to conduct himself with integrity and to treat people with respect.


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He thanked his family, friends and colleagues “who have lifted me up and offered me unwavering support as I navigate a career in the music industry”.

To his fans he said: “I am humbled and grateful for your support and hope I can continue to create music that resonates with you in the future.”

On Thursday morning, following TMN’s initial story, the band released a statement addressing the split.

Darling Brando is sad to announce that due to irreconcilable creative differences, band members will be following their own individual paths and the band will no longer perform or release music.

We appreciate and would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the years.

Be well and take care!

Darling Brando

Editor’s note 10:57am, Thursday, February 25: This story has been updated to reflect new information from Sony Music Australia and to include the band’s statement.

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