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News November 30, 2020

Tim Blackwell talks ‘Introducing’ podcast featuring Yungblud, DMA’s & More: It’s ‘pure selfish enjoyment’

Tim Blackwell talks ‘Introducing’ podcast featuring Yungblud, DMA’s & More: It’s ‘pure selfish enjoyment’

Tim Blackwell’s leap into the podcast world is one that gets him closer to the stuff he loves: music.

Today (30th November), the radio veteran launches a six-part music series Introducing with Tim Blackwell, with Yungblud frontman Dom Harrison the very first guest.

Each episode will explore the artist’s route to now and, in an usual twist for a music podcast, feature a cut of live music.

First up, Blackwell asks Harrison which song lit the fire. It was, of course, The Cure and their upbeat early ‘90s pop classic ‘Friday I’m in Love.’

Introducing with Tim Blackwell

The theme will carry through, with each guest delivering a snippet of the song that paved their way.

Blackwell has a lot on his plate. A father of three, he’s on air each weekday for Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel drive show.

“I wouldn’t be taking this on if it wasn’t for pure enjoyment. Pure selfish enjoyment,” he says with a laugh. “I hope that also means it’s good to listen to.”


The series is, essentially, a piece of enterprise reporting. Blackwell found himself at gigs and backstage with artists. He figured, why not convert the fortunate moment into something everlasting.

Blackwell, who started with the Nova Network in 2001, admits he needed a refresher on how to interview outside of a five-minute block. “Now I’m sitting down and listening for a living,” he explains.

Dropping each week, Introducing will feature in-depth interviews with Tyne-James Organ, Haiku Hands, Peking Duk, Delta Riggs and DMA’s.

Podcasts are no longer on the fringe.

Spotify has identified spoken word content as a growth driver for its business and has invested more than $600 million in snapping up podcast networks like Gimlet and The Ringer, and tapped Joe Rogan in a deal worth upwards of $100 million over several years.

Sony Music Australia recently took the plunge with its ‘Time to Talk’ podcast series, hosted by veteran journalist and artist Sean Sennett.

“We’re going to make another series anyway because it’s got its place,” Blackwell says of his new project. “It’s not designed to be the No. 1 podcast in the country and knock Joe Rogan off the top spot. It’s a very niche series. And I’m keen to explore.”


The first series is in the can. More are in the works.

“I’ve got about 195 people on my list, old and new, artists you’ve never heard of and artists who have 10 albums under their belt,” Blackwell tells TIO. “I hope there’s a way I can keep making it. And that listeners just follow.”

Introducing with Tim Blackwell is presented by GOAT and produced in partnership with Pro Podcast Production.

Stream the series 1 preview here and visit for full episodes.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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