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News September 4, 2018

Ticketing platform moshtix releases new chat bot to help “make live easy”

Ticketing platform moshtix releases new chat bot to help “make live easy”
Pic via Moshtix

Independent Australian ticketing platform moshtix has launched a new Facebook chatbot, MoshMessenger, to make finding and attending live events easier.

According to the platform which declares this a first for the Australian ticketing market, “The introduction of the bot aims to make the company the one-stop-shop for event discovery, ticket delivery and support in even more channels.”

The bot can deliver tickets straight to a customers’ Facebook Messenger account following a purchase, allowing the purchaser to easily receive, download and store their tickets.

It is designed to save customers having to print or find tickets emailed months earlier, and it also addresses the issue of tickets being lost in junk email folders.

MoshMessenger tickets can be scanned directly from the customer’s phone, speeding up validation and entry times at the door.

Unlike typical bots that only provide standard responses, MoshMessenger handles a range of frequently asked questions and gives customers an option to ‘speak’ to a real person in moshtix’s local customer service centre.

MoshMessenger will also give customers a 24/7 opportunity to search for and select moshtix events based on location, date range, type of event, and in the case of music, event genre.

It will also offer behaviour-based event recommendations.

Built in partnership with local entertainment digital and technology agency Bolster, MoshMessenger is backed by data-driven machine learning which means it will constantly improve the customer experience.

As more and more customers interact with it, the more fluid and intuitive it will become, able to answer questions that once stumped it over time.

Harley Evans, CEO of moshix, explained, “moshtix’s philosophy is to ‘make live easy’ and remove the barriers between the performer and the fan, and we feel MoshMessenger ticks these boxes with a very user-friendly interface on one of the worlds’ leading social platforms.”

Bolster founder, Alex Zaccaria, added, “We’re stoked to be at the forefront of a new era of events marketing in Australia.

“We’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with conversational marketing through the first release of this bot.

“What’s most exciting about MoshMessenger is that it goes beyond just marketing, into function and purpose.

“It will help fans discover shows and get answers to their questions, quicker than ever.

“We can’t wait to roll out the next phases of it once it’s had time to learn, too”

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