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News May 16, 2018

Ticketek launches Facebook messenger chatbot

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Ticketek launches Facebook messenger chatbot

TEG had launched Ticketek’s new Facebook Messenger Event Finder Chatbot.

The new chatbot will allow customers to browse featured events and discover events based on date and price ranges.

Customers will be able to complete a transaction without leaving the messenger environment, as well as receive alerts for events through push notifications, and get customer support.

“Ticketek Ignition™ opens our internal network and systems to enable multiple ticket purchasing experiences across multiple platforms and partner systems,” said TEG CEO Geoff Jones.

“The Chatbot development is enabled by our real-time content APIs, which put Ticketek at the leading edge of customer engagement and multi-channel integration.

“Best of all, the Chatbot has come from a great collaboration with Facebook and Social House Media, on the back of consultation with our venue and event partners.”

The Ticketek Chatbot has been brought to life thanks to a new partnership with Social House Media.

“With the Ticketek Chatbot it has never been easier to find, save and inquire about the latest events in Australian sports and entertainment,” added Jones.

“This will offer a seamless customer experience and a new way to explore ticketing options.”

For more head to TEG’s official website.


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