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News April 4, 2019

Three states reaching out for input on music & arts strategies

Three states reaching out for input on music & arts strategies
Image: WAMFEST / Georgia Hanson

Music and government bodies in WA, Victoria and SA have reached out to the public for help with their music initiatives.


Peak WA music association WAM is seeking public donations for its WA Music Fund, through with which it can help the state’s emerging artists through its knowledge, expertise and connections.

“Emerging acts today face many issues that are not just synonymous with WA,” the not-for-profit association’s development manager Georgia Kennedy tells TMN.

“However, one major issue that continues, despite the development of new technologies, is the serious distance between Perth and the rest of the country, even other centres within our own state.

“Being seen and heard by those on the east coast remains one of the greatest challenges to WA based artists.”

Singer-songwriter Gina Williams reiterates that the biggest issue for WA artists is “taking our music over the border.

“We live in one of the most isolated places on the planet, and I think that is really good because we have a strong local industry.

“I think that’s where WAM really comes into its own because it can connect people in ways you simply can’t do on your own.

“A lot of musicians work in isolation, it’s a tricky and lonely existence, so when you’ve got friends and allies it makes a huge difference.

“But it’s still difficult to make that progression to getting a national and international profile.”

Kennedy says, “This fund may be put towards a range of programs and services, including those targeted at regional and remote artists from Western Australia.”

More info here.


The Victorian government is calling for expressions of interest from creative experts to bring their skills to a new Creative Industries Advisory Group.

They will help develop the government’s second creative industries strategy to launch in 2020.

The first one, Creative State 2016-2020, was developed with

10,000 Victorians and backed by $115 million in new funding.

Victoria’s creative industries contribute $28.4 billion to the state economy, up 12% in three years.

These industries currently employ 260,000 Victorians, up 14% since 2013-14, while cultural tourism is now worth $2 billion, an increase of 88% since 2013.

Advisory Group members will provide insights on current issues and challenges, propose potential government actions and interventions, and making recommendations on how to best engage with the industry to gain wider views, test ideas and develop new initiatives and actions.

The Advisory Group will be chaired by the minister for creative industries Martin Foley and members will be appointed for a fixed term, commencing from May 2019.

Expressions of Interest close on Friday, April 12, for more details head here.


Arts South Australia has an online survey on the development of Arts Plan 2019 – 2024.

It says, “Whether you are involved in the arts community as a maker, administrator or audience – your input will complement the submissions process, interviews and Town Hall meetings that are underway.

“The Arts Plan will articulate the future vision for arts and culture in South Australia, guiding the state government’s support over the next five years.”

The first phase began in January 2019 with research and analysis of existing reports, data and documentation from a wide range of sources.

This informs an understanding of the scale and nature of the broader arts community, as well as the local context.

Submissions, reports and recommendations that have been made by the sector over the past few years are invaluable documents for the consultants to consider.

Consultation is the second phase to be undertaken until May and considered a critical component of the Arts Plan’s development.

The objective is to seek ideas and stories, the voice and passion of the sector, as well as the vision of the broader community.

Those who want to contribute can do it through various ways including submissions that close on Friday, April 12.

More info here.

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