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News August 29, 2018

Three more sessions added to CBAA conference

Three more sessions added to CBAA conference

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) announced three more sessions for its conference on the Gold Coast.

How to host a daily national current affairs program

Community radio’s daily current affairs program The Wire team demonstrate how the show is put together.

Aimed at journalists, learn how to write cue sheets for current affairs, present news stories to air and pitch stories to The Wire.

It is presented in the Media Lab by Rod Chambers  (The Wire/2ser) and international broadcast training consultant and broadcaster Steve Ahern.

The Media Lab is presented in partnership with the CMTO.

Best practice reporting on violence against women

Violence against women and their children generates daily media coverage in Australia and media has an important role to play in shaping communities’ understanding of these crimes and how they related to sexism, gender inequality and community attitudes.

The session teaches what makes a best practice report on this issue and for practical skills, tips and tools to help ensure that coverage is cultivating a community-wide message of respect, equality and non-violence.

It is presented by: Jan Earthstarsenior advisor of the national media engagement program, Our Watch.

Content exchange and your station’s place in the Community Radio Network

Content collaboration and exchange has been a highlight of Australian community broadcasting since the beginning.

Today the CBAA’s Community Radio Network shares over 100 regular weekly programs and segments and countless specials throughout the year.

Subscribing stations can use this in and around locally-created programming to benefit listeners, station operations and sponsors.

Martin Walters, CBAA/CRN manager, offers tips to current and future subscribers on how to get the most out of the service, and to put forward ideas for future content development.

Those interested in contributing programs to share with others around the country will also find it useful.


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