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News June 30, 2020

The Voice Australia: Thomas Bleach recaps week two of the Battles 

The Voice Australia: Thomas Bleach recaps week two of the Battles 

Throughout the unexpected Blind Auditions and the electrifying Battles, season nine of The Voice Australia has delivered one of its most unmissable seasons yet. 

Over Sunday and Monday night, they wrapped up the Battles with powerhouse performances, controversial decisions and unique interpretations of classic songs. 

Heading into The Playoffs this weekend, the show welcomes Marcia Hines and The Veronicas as guest mentors due to travel restrictions for Kelly Rowland and Boy George.


The final two episodes of the Battles saw some of the frontrunners going head to head.

But winning their Battles and safely securing their space in the next round was Caleb Jago-Ward, Jesse Teinaki, Angela Fabian, Josh Pywell, Emmagen Rain, Timothy Bowen, Nathan Isac, Ella Monnery, Adam Ludewig, ex-Home And Away star Mark Furze, and Guy Sebastian’s brother Chris Sebastian. 


After loosely using their saves in the first two rounds, the judges were quite picky and sparse with their extra chance spots. 

With Sapphire Tamalemai being saved from Boy George, Steve Clisby being saved by Delta Goodrem and The Voice Armenia winner Masha Mnjoyan being saved by Boy George, these powerhouse vocalists were given another chance to keep fighting in the competition. 


Because of the limited spots, some huge competitors were sent packing, and one of the most surprising was Elyse Sene-Lefao who performed ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus with 16-year-old Adam Ludewig. 

And then Jimi The Kween missed out on a save after Josh Pywell won a rendition of Pat Benatar’s ‘Love Is A Battlefield’. It was really disappointing to see such a unique queer voice miss out on access to a very important platform so early on in the competition. 


Within the reality TV format, the concept of controversial decisions is always exciting, and this season has had a few of those moments already. But one of the most surprising ones comes from Delta Goodrem asking Matt Evans and Janie Gordon to join forces after their stunning rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’.

Not being able to choose a clear winner, Goodrem questioned if they would be able to become a duo. Initially unsure, the two singers took a moment to chat with each other before deciding to try this venture. 

It’s a definite risk, but the way their two unique vocals contrasts each other is exciting, and is something that would fit perfectly on Australian commercial radio.


The key flaw with The Voice Australia is that it’s undeniably a reality TV show first, and with the emphasis all on drama, the concept of them trying to find a commercial superstar is regularly lost. 

Throughout the Battles, this sentiment was questioned with contestants like Callum Gleeson who is a classic RSL themed act, and was included solely to create cringe-worthy reality TV. 

While then an act like Josh Pywell lacks the charisma to be on commercial radio and is someone that post-show would get stuck in the rural pub touring circuit. 


In-between all of the captivating battles in the final two rounds, there were two in particular that stood out as something quite special. 

Emma Mylott and Mark Furze went head to head with the Alanis Morisette classic, ‘You Oughta Know’ in a fiery fashion. 

And then Masha Mnjoyan and Ella Monnery got soulful with Aretha Franklin’s monster hit ‘Respect’.


Moving forward to the Playoffs, the ones to watch are Chris Sebastian, Mark Furze, Masha Mnjoyan and Timothy Bowen, who excitingly all have the raw potential to win the whole competition.  

The Playoffs begin on Sunday and Monday night on Channel Nine.


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