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News June 29, 2020

The Veronicas’ MTV reality show ‘Blood Is For Life’ to air on 10 play

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The Veronicas’ MTV reality show ‘Blood Is For Life’ to air on 10 play

Network Ten has confirmed it will add The Veronicas’ reality show Blood Is For Life to its 10 play on-demand streaming service.

As first reported by TMN in May last year, MTV confirmed the show would be produced locally in partnership with Viacom Digital Studios International.

The critical and commercial success of Blood Is For Life – the first of the six-part series launched November 10 in a Sunday primetime slot – was a turning point for MTV Australia.

Blood Is For Life is available for audiences to stream from July 1, the same day that Foxtel launches its new music channel offering under an expanded deal with ViacomCBS.

MTV Australia boss Simon Bates told TMN in January that he had long been waiting to produce a show that was a mix of reality, music and entertainment.

It was not through a lack of options. By his reckoning, Bates gets approached at least once a week from someone insisting their life is crazy enough to hang a reality series on.

But when he got the pitch from The Veronicas’ management, his instinct kicked in. He set up a meeting with the twins to explore the ideas.

“After that lunch, I was 100% making this show with them,” Bates told TMN. “They are absolutely perfect for MTV. “We’re perfect for them at this particular stage in their career.”

During the six-month shoot in Sydney, the twins were hands-on, coming up with ideas and working closely with the MTV team rather than being given instructions.

Internationally, MTV makes highly formatted and polished reality shows.

But The Veronicas: Blood Is For Life deliberately has moments of rawness, similar to The Osbournes and early Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Lisa and Jessica Origliasso also announced their plans to release a new album via Instagram on Monday (June 29). Human will be their first record since 2014.

The pair also revealed that their next single – ‘Biting My Tongue’ – will be released on Friday (July 3rd) alongside a trailer for the new record.


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