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News February 8, 2018

The BRAG to undergo major changes in style, size, distro, and focus

The BRAG to undergo major changes in style, size, distro, and focus

Seventh Street Media are today announcing one of their flagship publications, The BRAG, is set to undergo a series of changes so as to further reflect the interest of its readers.

“The BRAG is one of the country’s leading street presses,” says Seventh Street CEO Luke Girgis, “and these changes will only enhance that bond between the publication and Australia at large.”

Already respected as one of the most trusted voices in Australian music criticism, the BRAG is set to expand to include a greater emphasis on social and cultural issues, an increased coverage of the arts – particularly local cinema – short fiction, illustrations, longform political content and other concerns of interest to contemporary Australians.

“These changes are set to expand The BRAG’s horizons,” says the publication’s editor Joseph Earp, “and allow for both a greater number of artistic voices and a more diverse set of interest areas covered.

“As a beloved print magazine, The BRAG is already an integral part of Seventh Street media’s largely digital offering – these changes will make it only more so.”

The first issue of the new format BRAG will be released on Wednesday March 7. The magazine will then be published monthly from that date onwards.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.

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