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News October 12, 2020

The Brag Media launches The Brag Observer, a dedicated newsletter platform

The Brag Media launches The Brag Observer, a dedicated newsletter platform

The Brag Media, Australia’s number one music and entertainment publisher, has announced a significant change in the way it communicates with its audience.

The Brag Observer is a dedicated newsletter platform. Users can subscribe to hyper specific and carefully curated newsletters that will be delivered to their inbox on the topics they care about most – and in some cases, relevant to where they live.

Having launched with newsletter categories for fans of Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Live Music, Comedy, Gaming, Food & Drink, Vegan, Travel, and much more, The Brag Media is growing its list of categories via a fan-voted system where its audience have been requesting newsletters based on what they love.

All newsletters on The Brag Observer will collate content published across all titles at The Brag Media and be segmented into the relevant categories for fans. No longer will The Brag Media’s publications run their own newsletters, The Brag Observer is all about understanding passion points and curating content for that passion point.

the brag observer

The Brag Observer

The Brag Media CEO and Founder Luke Girgis said:

“Newsletters for most publishers are a blunt instrument. They essentially say, ‘sign up to our newsletter and get all the shit we have written over the last 24 hours, whether it’s relevant to you or not’.

“What usually happens, as has happened with our publications, is when a newsletter first starts, the open rates and engagement are strong. However as it grows, 10x, 20x, 100x, the open rates significantly fall off simply because when you hit scale, all things published aren’t relevant to all readers.

“The Brag Observer provides an excellent platform for our fans to get exactly what they want, right to their inbox and never be kept out of the loop again.”

Freeing fans from Mark Zuckerberg and internet algorithms everywhere:

“Like all publishers, often fans will subscribe to our social media channels and may only see 10% of our content, missing out on things like big tour announcements or venue openings in their area,” Luke Girgis said. “The Brag Observer is a stand against that algorithm providing an alternative to being at the mercy of big tech.”

Check out The Brag Observer here.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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