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News April 2, 2021

Did Taylor Swift fans help Skegss get a #1 album?

Did Taylor Swift fans help Skegss get a #1 album?

Aussie surf-punk favourites Skegss have scored themselves a #1 album, and it seems Taylor Swift fans may have had something to do with it. 

That’s right, Skegss‘ second album Rehearsal has officially topped the ARIA Albums chart just a week after it was released.

“Congratulations to @skegsson getting to #1 on the ARIA Albums chart,” the official ARIAs Twitter account wrote.

Now, how exactly does Taylor Swift factor into the success of Skegss? Well, it’s all got to go with talent manager Scooter Braun.

Back in 2019, the masters to Swift’s six studio albums were acquired by Braun as part of his acquisition of Big Machine Records, Swift’s former record label.

Swift memorably publicly called out Braun for allegedly refusing to allow her to buy her own masters from the company. Fast forward a couple of years, and it appears that there is still no love lost between the pair.

Coincidentally, Braun’s client Justin Bieber released his latest album Justice on Friday, March 19th. The record reached #1 on the ARIA Albums chart a week later on Friday, March 27th.

Knowing that Skegss would soon be vying for the top spot themselves, Tone Deaf decided to utilise the power of social media to help get them there.

They tweeted: “Dear @taylorswift13, we know you hate @scooterbraun so we wanted to let you know that @skegss might beat out @justinbieber for #1 in Australia this week. If Skegss do, that’s a win for the good guys, and an L for Scooter. All support appreciated.”

Lo and behold, the tweet quickly received hundreds of replies from loyal Taylor Swift fans.


“Tell us what to do and we shall omg,” another tweeted.

Now that Skegss have hit #1 with Rehearsal, it’s no leap to assume that the Swifties may have contributed to the achievement.

While it’s unclear how many of them actually bought a copy of the album, it’s safe to say their tweets in support of Skegss would have at the very least raised awareness.

For more on this topic, follow the Taylor Swift Observer and the Skegss Observer.

Check out Skegss celebrating their #1 album Rehearsal:

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