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Tash Sultana launches booking agency with Jaddan Comerford & Regan Lethbridge

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Tash Sultana launches booking agency with Jaddan Comerford & Regan Lethbridge

Singer-songwriter & instrumentalist Tash Sultana has founded a new booking agency venture called Lonely Lands.

Tash has joined up with co-managers Regan Lethbridge and Jaddan Comerford to launch the agency, which will be based at UNIFIED’s Head Office in Richmond.

Tash, Regan and Jaddan will be joined by respected Aussie booker Harry Moore (as senior agent) and UNIFIED’s Desiree Venuto (as assistant booking agent).

Harry will oversee the day to day, while the directors will look after the projection of the business.

“Ultimately, it’s an artist-first company, artists are the face of it and everything we do is about them,” Regan says.

“The team are looking forward to pooling our knowledge and experience and putting all of our resources into this new business venture.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in the music business and to be working with such inspiring artists.”

The team have already pulled together a fantastic roster of artists including Ocean Alley, Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic and West Thebarton.

“I couldn’t be happier to come together with my friends Regan and Tash to start this amazing new venture,” adds Jaddan.

“Together with Harry, Desiree, and of course, all the amazing artists, we are going to create something very special.”

“Our goal is to give great acts the ability to play in the surroundings that work best for them,” says Tash.

“We’re lucky to have a great team launching LLA who’ve all come from different parts of the industry and with that comes a wealth of knowledge.”

The Lonely Lands Agency booking roster is as follows;

  • Ash Grunwald
  • Bootleg Rascal
  • Garret Kato
  • Jakubi
  • John Floreani
  • Ocean Alley
  • Pierce Brothers
  • Stand Atlantic
  • Tash Sultana
  • Tones And I
  • The Belligerents
  • The Moving Stills
  • The Pinheads
  • Trophy Eyes
  • West Thebarton
  • Ziggy Alberts

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