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News August 29, 2018

Taronga extends partnership with moshtix

Taronga extends partnership with moshtix

Sydney-based Taronga Conservation Society Australia (Taronga) has extended its partnership with independent ticketing company moshtix by a further three years.

It will provide ticketing and marketing for Taronga’s major events, including the successful Twilight at Taronga Concert Series, VIVID Sydney at Taronga Zoo and the New Year’s Eve at Taronga Zoo.

The two companies have been working together since 2014.

Alex Emson, Taronga’s head of commercial operations said, “The guest experience is central to our planning at Taronga, and this partnership with moshtix will enrich our understanding of our visitors’ needs and revolutionise how we deliver some of Sydney’s most popular events over the summer and winter months.”

He said that moshtix had an approach which included a “make live easy” philosophy, a unique mix of innovation, commercially competitive terms, and bespoke value-add solutions.

“Ensuring that Taronga’s guests are provided with greater value for money was a key factor in our decision-making and we are confident that this new partnership with moshtix will help us achieve this,” added Emson.

More than just a fun day out, in a unique location Taronga’s major events are crucial to supporting the organisation’s conservation initiatives.

All proceeds from event ticket sales contribute to Taronga’s ongoing work in wildlife conservation and research.

In addition, moshtix also supports Taronga’s beloved Common Wombat.

Moshtix CEO, Harley Evans, said, “We’re thrilled to have been selected as Taronga’s long-term partner of choice following their recent tender process.

“Through that process and since we started working with Taronga in 2014, there has been a strong alignment of values between our organisations, and it’s a real privilege to be able to play a role in supporting Taronga’s conservation initiatives through the delivery of major events.

“We’re particularly excited to showcase some new initiatives in the coming months that will enhance the experience for Taronga’s major event guests.”

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