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News April 18, 2018

New academic research into music industry workplace harassment

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New academic research into music industry workplace harassment

UTS PhD candidate Jeff Crabtree is recruiting participants from Australia and New Zealand to confidentially and anonymously share stories of music industry workplace harassment.

In the wake of #metoo, #menomore and #timesup, Crabtree has identified a lack of original research out of Australia and NZ on the issue within the music industry, despite the public profile it has been afforded recently.

The aim of Music Industry Harassment Research is to provide a detailed and credible basis for informed decision and policy making, and in doing so, create a platform for positive action off the back of an issue that has galvanised public desire for change.

“The music business is wonderful and amazing, and yet somehow still functions like the wild west,” said Crabtree.

“After 30 years of involvement in the industry, I felt like I just had to do something. We are careful to protect everyone who participates. We make it impossible for anyone to trace back and identify who said what.

“What people have experienced is hurtful and distressing, so they need safety to do that, but getting this stuff on the record is what we all need to make real change. Governments have to act on hard scientific data.”

The study was first pitched 18 months ago and has now been approved as part of Crabtree’s PhD, to be supervised by Professor Mark Evans, head of the UTS School of Communication.

“One of the byproducts of the digital revolution is the shift in the burden of risk. Young artists carry most of the risk now. Artists now are far more vulnerable in every way, not just financially,” said Crabtree.

“The institutional support available to any other workers in this country doesn’t exist in the music industry, so there’s no accountability.

“Although [music charity] Support Act does amazing work, there are limits to what they can accomplish.

“I had no idea this issue was going to hit the front pages when I started this research. Sometimes events seem to conspire for the common good.”

Participation in Crabtree’s Music Industry Harassment Research is open to any Australian or New Zealand citizen, or permanent resident, who works in the music industry.

For more information and to participate in the study, click here.

Jeff Crabtree is a speaker, author, researcher, filmmaker and multi award-winning songwriter and music producer.


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